Adtech D&D Corp is your golf ball specialist company.
We offer service to Mayor Retailers (online and offline), Sporting Goods Sales outlets, Pro-Shops, Golf Clubs and Driving Ranges to cover all their golf ball needs.
At Adtech D&D we are a business group with over 10 years’ experience and handle and process millions of golf balls every year.
We have manufacturing sites in Europe and Asia servicing Retailers and Sporting Goods chains in Europe, as well as hundreds of Golf Clubs
Our technology is State of the Art and adapted to our client needs and specifications.
Our RZN Golf balls include the latest and most sophisticated technology for High Performance Golf Balls.
Our Recycled and Refurbishing plant is considered to be one of the most advanced in the world in both supply and refurbishing technology offering a wide and extensive variety of products.
Our Premium Practice Golf Range product portfolio, personalization included, offers the best Value for Money offer in the marketplace with an innovative BUY BACK program that increases the profitability of your business.
Our OEM manufacturing not only offers the best deals in Private Label Golf Balls but also innovation, like our Eco-Balls, made of 100% recycled Golf Balls
Our strength comes from the synergy of all these business – State of the Art Championship Ball manufacturing, High Tech recycling and refurbishing and high quality OEM manufacturing.
Adtech D&D wants to be your Golf Ball specialist company!
Come and meet us at or visit our product webpages at:


We have manufactured NIKE’s golf balls since 2006. Through all these years we have developed some unique technology and industry break-through.


  • In 2011, we worked closely with customer’s R&D team to develop the first tour-level, urethane-covered golf ball with RZN technology.
From 2011 to 2016, golf balls with RZN technology helped elite golf athletes claim more than 50 wins in professional golf tours around the world (PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, PGA European Tour, Ladies European Tour….), including 4 majors.



Since NIKE made its strategic business decision to transition out of golf equipment in August of 2016, we have made our commitment to take over the production of golf balls and keep supplying premium golf balls to golfers of every level. Now, being the owner of RZN brand and proprietary golf ball technologies, we will continue the RZN legacy with Revolutionary technologies, Zealous in the pursuit of perfection, and dedication to Nature-caring.
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